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The elderflower and its exquisite flavor and aroma is perfect for using it in any kind of pastries, but for many it is still kind of unknown. If you want to learn how to preserve them to play with new flavors, don’t miss this post!!

In the last entry I already did a tart that was using as main ingredient for the filling cream elderflower syrup (strawberry tart with elderflower and white chocolate cream). Well, the issue is that sometimes it is difficult to find this syrup in some countries. Since the plant grows wild in the forests, one of the best options is that you do it yourself. Moreover, home made is much better that the one you could buy, of course! Do you want to experiment a bit with new tastes? then, continue reading!


In the previous entry I was already encouraging you to investigate a bit about the elderflower properties. Just in case, the research has not been enough fruitful, here you have a short list of them: it can help with influence treatments, allergies and respiratory system problems.


That is why the elderflower has been used as an element of the traditional medicine since long time. But, if you have not read it yet, be aware that most part of the plant is poisonous. Only the flowers are not, and the berries but they have to be cooked, otherwise they are also poisonous. Berries are often used to produce jam, jelly or chutney.


I have to confess that I have never drank them because they are good for health, but because of their delicious taste. Once you try it, you will be using this cordial everywhere and specially in every drink!


And this syrup, apart from baking uses, can be mostly used for drinks and cocktails. As I already promised, here I give you a short list of some of the drinks I use to prepare with it, they are all sublimes!


Hugo: this is a soft and delicious cocktail. For a glass, mix 200 ml prosecco, 2 Tbsp of elderflower cordial, some fresh mint leafs and 100 ml soda. Serve very cold and I can assure you never will like to drink anything else. 

Elderflower and cucumber Spritzer: in a big jar mix half bottle white wine, 1 liter soda, 200 ml elderflower cordial, 1 blended cucumber, some chopped fresh mint leafs. Serve very cold with some cucumber slices and more mint leafs to decorate. 

Elderflower lemonade: This is very easy and straight forward. For a glass, mix 100 ml of elederflower syrup with very cold soda until filling up the glass. You can put some ice and also fresh mint leafs.

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Elderflower cordial

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Serves: 1,5 liters aprox.
Cooking Time: 60 min. + 3 days resting.


  • 1 liter water
  • 1 kg white sugar
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 15-20 elderflower bunches
  • 15 g citric acid



In a big pot, heat the water with sugar and let it to boil energetically during 10 minutes. Remove from fire and add the acid citric mixing until dissolved. Let it cool.


In the meantime, wash well the flowers, the lemon and the orange. Slice the orange and the lemon. Remove the bigger branches of the elderflower bunches.


In a large bowl, bottle or in different jars (whatever you have) put the flowers, the orange and the lemon. Cover completely with the syrup of the pot.


The used container must rest for 3 days to macerate, covered and in a dark place.


After 3 days, strain the liquid using a very fine fabric piece, I used a clean stocking. Heat again the liquid and let it to boil for 20 minutes.


Quickly while still hot, divide the syrup into bottles and cover them immediately. This is done to create the vacuum and will make the cordial last longer.


Once the bottles are cool, you can store them in a dark place for about 6 months.


quantity can be doubled, always keeping the sugar/water proportion.

NOTE 2: acid citric can be bought in the supermarket, it is used for all kind of preserves. If not, you can look for it in the pharmacy.

NOTE 3: you cannot buy elderflower as far as I know. Go look for them in the forest, the bloom from mid May till end of June.

Sweet dreams

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