Strawberry Lemonade


Refreshing, delicious, healthy, with a lot of vitamins and very easy to make. In 10 minutes you will be drinking something so yummy that you simply could not believe it!

Today I am bringing you my first drink recipe post. And, what else could it be but strawberry? We are just in the season!


You have to admit that, with this just started spring and this mid-afternoon sun that we missed so much during winter, one starts fancying sitting in a terrace or in the balcony and drink a fresh lemonade.


Do you already have the picture in your mind? Well, you only need to make it come true. I’ll bring the drinks, the rest is on you, and the sun… well, the sun can come whenever it wants!


Strawberries, main ingredient in this recipe, are the queen of spring fruits. I am not going to list all the healthy benefits they have, this should be more than clear to everybody. In addition, as I have a sweet tooth, what matters to me is the sweet taste! Ah! And this color… this flaming red that this lemonade has, no added coloring, is simply amazing!


This lemonade (or strawberryde, as it could be called) is incredibly easy to make, but still refreshing and delicious. Moreover, it has low calories and if you want to make it even lower, you can always put less sugar. The main strawberry flavor makes this drink really special, of course far from what we are used to in our daily live.


The lime and the sparkling water are giving it an unique fresh touch. When drinking it, you will feel a soft tickle in your tongue that feels very nice. Kids will specially love it, can you think in a better way of giving them fruit?


Strawberry lemonade

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Serves: 1 liter
Cooking Time: 10 min


  • 300 g strawberries (plus 3 or 4 more for decoration)
  • 3 Tbsp icing sugar
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 6 Tbsp rhubarb syrup
  • 600 ml sparkling water
  • 1 lime (well washed)
  • Some mint leafs



Blend the strawberries with the sugar until you get a fine puree.


Add lime juice and rhubarb syrup. If you cannot find rhubarb syrup, you can replace with any other kind of syrup you like or with sugar, just anything to sweeten. For instance, 6 Tbsp vanilla sugar will fit very well!


You can preserve this puree for later in the fridge and serve it later. Just before serving, add in sparking water and mix. You should never add water and serve it after some hours since the water will lose all the gas.


Finally, cut some strawberry and the lime in slices and add them to the lemonade. Put some mint leaves on each glass and ready!


if you replace the sparkling water with any other kind of soda or drink, take into account that you will be adding some extra flavor to the mix and do it at your own risk. Only water is neutral.

NOTE 2: Do you want to know something?, this puree you have prepared is ideal for cocktails. Instead of adding only water, replace some part with a liquor, like tequila for instance and you will have a perfect strawberry Margaritas!! Just saying…

Sweet dreams

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