Violets Lemonade

limonada_violetas-37Making lemonades is actually the simplest thing in the world, you do not need to write recipes for that, right? So, today’s post does not have anything special when it comes to culinary, but it can be considered more like an original idea that I want to share with you and that I hope you are encouraged to prepare as a drink on some special occasion because It is well worth a try.

limonada_violetas-22Today I am doing one of those gaps filling recipes, but hey hey, you cannot always keep up! This month is being like a crazy month, between weekends traveling here and there plus work. So, I am playing an easy resource, making a drink, which I had not published for a long time by the way.

limonada_violetas-12In fact, in addition to not having had time for almost anything this week, this post is automatically posting since I’m on a bachelorette party in Verona 🙂 cool eh? An Italian friend of mine gets married and between organizing the party, the work and the things of the house, the truth that I do not know where I take the time for the blog. Well yes, I know, getting up early and organize yourself are my secrets 😉

limonada_violetas-14To make this recipe there are only two things that can give you problems to find, and they are precisely the key ingredients of this lemonade. Yes, exactly what you are thinking: the violet syrup and the fresh violets.

limonada_violetas-30The violet syrup is kind of easy to buy it online. The famous French syrup brand “Monín” sells it and you could also find it in some section of Gourmet products. It is basically used to make cocktails, in fact, the first time I tried it was at a cocktail in a Hamburg bar, and I loved it!

limonada_violetas-20Wild violets can be found in the forest, at least in centre Europe forests, because it is a plant that withstand the cold very well. So, the best way to get them fresh is, if you know a place where they grow, do as I did: arm yourself with a tupper and scissors, go to the field while it rains (this is optional …) and return home with the tupper full of violets and your back dripping.

limonada_violetas-26If you are more practical and somewhat more comfortable (but surely not so fun) solutions, you can buy domestic violas, which come to be like violets, but can be bought and there are many colours. It is not essential to put flowers in the lemonade, of course, but you will not deny that it is much prettier.



And now, enjoy this refreshing lemonade!!

Violets Lemonade

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Serves: 1 litre
Cooking Time: 5 min


  • 600ml of sparkling water (or soda)
  • 200 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 3 lemons)
  • 200 ml of violet syrup
  • A handful of fresh violets or violas



Squeeze the lemon juice, strain it and pour it into a jar of at least 1 litre capacity.


Add syrup and mix with a spoon.


Just before serving, add ice to the mixture and pour the sparkling water or soda.


Decorate to taste with fresh flowers.


You can multiply the amounts to make as much lemonade as you want. Of course, you can also add some alcohol and turn it into a wonderful cocktail.

Sweet dreams,

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