Chocolate raspberry tartlets


The pure and intense chocolate ganache flavour and its light coconut touch combined with the crunchy crust base and that acid raspberry contrast will make your palate bounce on a bed of intense flavours and textures. I confess that there are few things that I like more than those three flavours combined, dark chocolate, coconut and raspberry. I am not telling you anything else, I just invite you to read the recipe!


You know I have been out for a long time because I’ve been a bit discouraged these last weeks, well actually I’m still a bit discouraged. But I found strength in a couple of afternoons to write and post this recipe, first because the summer is over and then you will not find raspberries anymore. And second, because I want to write about something that has nothing to do with baking.

I take this opportunity to write about a topic that bothers me a lot, that just I suffer like all other women. And since most of the people who read this blog are women, I want to leave this message here to vent and hope to inspire some of you. And if somebody feels offended, well I will not apologize because this is my personal blog, therefore, I write what I want. If you feel offended, the solution is as simple as closing this page and never coming back or skipping all this text and jump directly to the recipe.


I’m going to talk about machismo and about how fed up I am of finding it everywhere. 16 years ago, I took the stupid decision to study electrical engineering. And I do not say stupid because the subject was wrong or because I no longer find it interesting. I say wrong because I was not aware at that time that in this world there are “men” dedicated jobs. So, if you are a woman and choose the wrong profession, well then be ready to suffer.

And it may seem to you that what I am saying does not happen anymore, that machismo does not exist and that the simple fact that I am an engineer is a proof of it. Of course, years ago women could not even access university. But I assure you that it is not true, that it is still very present in our society and that, above all, in areas such as my profession where being a woman is being a weirdo exists and makes you suffer unjustly simply because you were born with that gender.


And now, yes, I take advantage of this small speaker that I have in this personal space on the Internet to send a message to some of the men that I have met during my career (and to those who I haven’t met yet). To all the colleagues and teachers who had ever …

… treated me differently for being a woman, made absurd comments highlighting some of my qualities or defects for being a woman, treated me in an overprotective way and with too much kindness, avoided or dodged me keeping me out of important decisions or conversations , made absurd jokes or offensive comments about me or any other women, considered me a risk for a project due to the fact that I could get pregnant, thought that I could do a better job than another colleague for the simple fact that my concept of aesthetics is better than the one of a man, called me “girl”, “darling”, “mi lady” or “young girl”, told me that I am in a bad mood because I am in those days of the month, suggested that I have come to have any privilege or position for the simple fact of being a woman and not on my own merits, tried to impress me doing something stupid, smiled at me like idiots when we made eye contact, looked at my ass and tits over and over again, seduced me or tried something with me at work.


To all of them, here I send you a very clear message. Go and fuck yourselves!!!!

You have a problem. You are social misfits and the world does not need you to move in the direction it should. We would all be much happier if you ceased to exist and the world would be truly fair and a better place in which our daughters could do in the future what they really wanted without fear of being judged. What you think is harmless or kind behaviour is not. It hurts and offends most of the time, but as social misfits that you are, you do not see it. And if you do not know how to deal with women, then very simple, read a book or even better, visit a psychologist.

Come on ladies, let’s eat chocolate because we really need it … And by the way, those yellow raspberries from my garden that you think? They look lovely to me!! But of course, that’s because as I am a woman I can see what is pretty and what is not 😉

Chocolate raspberry tartlets

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Serves: 8 tartaletas
Cooking Time: 20 min. Total: 45 min.


  • 165 g flour
  • 35 g cocoa powder
  • 100 g of cold butter, cut in cubes
  • 35 g icing sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbsp of very cold water
  • 250 g of dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa)
  • 120 ml coconut milk
  • 100 g of fresh raspberries to decorate



In a bowl mix the flour with the butter, the icing sugar and the cocoa, using your hands or a fork knead well until they are incorporated, the dough will look like crumbs. Add the egg and water and knead until you get an even dough. Make a ball with the dough, wrap it in plastic film and refrigerate for 20 minutes.


Place it between two baking papers and stretch it with the roller until you have a flat sheet of about 3 mm in height. Cut the dough into circles a little larger than the molds and use them to cover the molds of tarts, cutting the excess with a knife. Freeze the pies for 15 minutes.


Preheat the oven at 180ºC. Cover the tartlets with baking paper or aluminum foil and fill them with chickpeas, rice or ceramic baked pearls to prevent the dough from inflating when baking. Bake for about 8 minutes. Then remove the weight you have used and bake for about 4 more minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool before unmolding.


Meanwhile, to prepare the ganache, place the chopped chocolate in a bowl. Heat the coconut milk until it boils and pour it over the chopped chocolate. Let stand 1 minute. Using a rod, mix the ganache until the two ingredients are integrated. Let to cool down a bit. Fill a pastry bag with the ganache, cut out the tip and fill the tartlets.


Decorate to taste with fresh raspberries, chocolate sprinkles and a mint leaf.

Sweet dreams,


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  • Reply
    October 1, 2018 at 11:05 am

    I feel like I could have unknowingly been a multiple offender. If this is the case, I am deeply sorry for being a social misfit and missing the cues. I would appreciate it if you could give me a hint next time to make sure I don’t repeat this harmful behaviour with you or anyone else in the future.

    Thanks for opening up for yourself and the ones who could not find the strength to do it.

    • Reply
      Raquel Ramos
      October 4, 2018 at 6:38 pm

      Emeric you were not, at least not with me. I think the fact that you are writing to apologize it a proof itself that you are not this kind of person. There should be more like you.

    Vuestros comentarios son mi alegría! Dime qué piensas de esta receta!!

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