Charlotte of peach and lemon- and the guest of the month on Cookcakes of Ainhoa-


Peach and lemon, not only rhyme if not that marry perfectly together in this Charlotte’s most refreshing. In addition, instead of the typical cake or ladyfingers, fencing and the base are made with a Swiss roll of lemon curd. Yes, Yes, ye have heard well!! Is like a doll Russian! A dessert wrapped with another dessert, what love!!

My querid@s amig@s, you is entering her curiosity about this tart truth? I am not surprised, it is ideal to prepare in the summer, also delicious, light and with an original super presentation. But not going the recipe to find here, this month I had the great honour to be the guest author of the blog from Ainhoa, Ainhoa Cookcakes. Keep reading and I tell you where to find the recipe and I tell you a little more about Ainhoa, a super blogger pastry section!

So yes, as I said this month I’m the guest of the month in the special section of the blog from Ainhoa. An initiative that is great and that gives us a great opportunity to poor beginners like me, for us to learn a little. And it is that this is one of the things that I love in the blogger world, that in reality everything is based on collaboration and helping each other. It is a philosophy that I love, because we are not competition, are only people with the same interests and passions so that working together have much to gain. Hopefully many things in her life followed this philosophy so beautiful of the world blog!


Total, I follow the blog of Ainhoa since I started, for me it is a great reference and example to follow. vosotr@s mism@s will already see you when you enter. All are original super recipes and photographs with detail and an exquisite styling. And always looking for innovation as well as being super creative, I would already be happy being the half of original than her with sweets. When I saw that I had this section, I introduced myself as a volunteer and I chose (to my surprise) as a guest of the month of July. And after slicing me them brains thinking what could prepare for so special occasion, I decided to choose something of season, as always, and a little unusual. So the proposal you have in the link below, this Monad of Charlotte with peach and lemon, don’t you miss it!

Click here to view the recipe

I hope you enjoy this recipe and all the others that you can find in the Cookcakes of Ainhoa!!

Sweet dreams

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