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Marbled Bundt Cake


This traditional recipe of the well-known German marbled cake is very fast and easy to do and perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea! And if you also do it in a Bundt pan, as you see, the result will be astonishing!

This kind of marbled cake (Marmorkuchen in german) is one of the most famous cake I know. It is really easy, even the people with very low cooking skills can manage to bake it. And it looks so good with its pretty veined inside! This recipe in particular, promises to be the real grandma’s Marmorkuchen recipe. I don’t know if it is true, but I can tell you that is very fine and fluffy!


I found the recipe in a German cornstarch package and it was promising to be the genuine and traditional one. I got already my own recipe for this cake, but the truth is that this one is much better. I don’t know where the secret is, although I have some guess about the usage of icing sugar instead of normal granulated sugar. The texture is so soft and nice that you will love it!


I have also realized that the marbled effect is much better in this version. i used to have bad results with mine and often chocolate was completely separated from the white dough. To sum up, this cake is perfect when you want to bake something pretty and tasty, but at the same time quick and cheap!


And you can see what a beautiful cut! If you have a bundt pan, don’t hesitate and use it. It does not really matter what the relief is, but it will be much more pretty that baking it in a simple round or square pan. And the chocolate ganaché falling in cascade gives it an amazing touch!


Marbled Bundt cake

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Serves: 10-12
Cooking Time: Prep. 15 min. Total 1h 30min.


  • For the cake:
  • 80 g dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa)
  • One vanilla pod
  • 250 g butter at room temperature
  • A pinch of salt
  • 220 g icing sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 325 g flour
  • 85 g cornstarch
  • 1 bag (15 g aprox.) of baking powder
  • 200 ml heavy cream
  • For the chocolate ganaché:
  • 125 g dark chocolate
  • 75 ml heavy cream
  • 1 Tbsp (15 g) butter



Preheat the oven at 170ºC. Melt the chocolate at bain-marie and let is aside to cool.


In a large bowl, sift the flour, the cornstarch, baking powder and add the salt.


Using the tip of a knife, remove the pulp of the vanilla pod and add it to the butter in another bowl. Stir in icing sugar and mix with the electric mixer paddle until soft and fluffy.


Add the eggs one at a time mixing well until combined completely.


Alternating, add in the flour mix and the cream and mix until all ingredients are incorporated.


Separate the dough in two equal parts. In one of the parts add in the melted chocolate.


Grease the bundt cake pan with a baking spray and pour half of the white dough in. Pour all the chocolate dough and cover it with the rest of the white dough. Using a knife mix the dough drawing small whirls to create the marbled effect.


Bake for about 75 minutes or until a wooden stick goes out dry.


To prepare the chocolate ganaché, melt chocolate in a sauce pan with the cream nd the butter. Pour over the cake using a spoon and let it flow down for creating the cascade effect.

Sweet dreams

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