Bellini Jam

Jam Bellini

Do you know the famous Bellini Cocktail? Such a glamorous Italian delicacy made of peach and Prosecco, I love it. So, this recipe has the same flavour, but in jam form.  Simply excellent!!

Another recipe for marmalade, I know it. But he touches on these dates. I don’t know you, but my love to make homemade jams because the taste has nothing to do with those that are purchased. We will always have an intense flavor fruit that supermarket jams do not have. So much of the summer have to invest it in canning to have valuable fruit flavours in jars for when the season comes to an end.


And as I said in the previous post, the combinations in terms of jams are nearly endless. Which I bring today is an experiment that thanks to Dios has come out great, you it guarantee. He is the version of the famous Venetian Cocktail jam Bellini (more info here).


The Bellini cocktail is basically juice peach and white Italian sparkling wine (Prosecco). And nothing more and nothing less is what brings this marmalade, more an extra bit of Cointreau for the note a little the alcohol taste, since the wine is lost by complete cooking.


Bellini Jam

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Serves: 6 jars of 200 ml aprox.
Cooking Time: 30 min.


  • 1 kg peaches (clean and pitted)
  • 200 ml Prosecco (or sparkling white wine)
  • 40 ml Cointreau
  • 500 g gelling sugar (or jam sugar)
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice or 1 tsp citric acid



Sterilize the jars by boiling them completely covered with water during 1 minute. Let them dry.


Chop the peaches in small pieces, put them in a big pot and mix them with the sugar, the wine and the lemon juice. If you like finding fruit pieces in the jam, you can just let it like this, if not then use the blender to make it thinner. What I did is a combination of both, I set a apart some pieces and blend the rest, then mix all together again.


Add the Cointreau and cook following the instructions written in the gelling sugar package.


To know if the jam is done, pour one spoon jam in a plate and incline it. If it flows easily it is not ready, whereas if it sticks to the plate and flows slowly is done.


With the jam still hot, fill in the jars and close them immediately. Put them upside down and let them to cool completely in this position. This way you will create vacuum and they will preserve longer.

Sweet dreams

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