Cherry Coke Cupcakes

Cherry coke cupcakes_1.jpgThese cupcakes do have an original flavor. With its sweet flavor to candy of cherry and cola, you moved directly to your childhood.

Know the Cherry Coke? Is a drink of cola with a touch of cherry and is very rich. These cupcakes are inspired by this drink. Sweet, very sweet but with a touch of flavor to cherries that them develop in something totally extraordinary.


I still remember when the Cherry Coke was launched in our country, accompanied of an advertising stage very shocking (video ad). For many of them children and young of the time the Cherry Coke was a great and delicious discovery, but by motives that know was withdrawal of the market few years later.

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Today returns to find is in some large supermarkets, not is very common see it, but it can get. As well, I today them bring to all those nostalgic of the Cherrycoke (as I) ones cupcakes that you move to them sweet years 90.

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Sure you have already imagined you cupcakes are, as the main ingredient, the very famous cola drink whose brand name I am not going to write why enough advertising have made them with photos. But, what about what gives them the touch of cherry?

Cherry coke cupcakes_6.jpg

Thus the exquisite cherries or Maraschino Cherries. These candied cherries are not like normal cherries that are used traditionally in our country, are typically used in cocktails, have a different touch, a very intense cherry and taste quite similar to above all cherry candies to them, already sadly missing, chupa chups Kojak.

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The combination of cocoa mass, the tail, the cherries all covered with vanilla frosting, make these cupcakes one of the best that ever habries.

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NOTE: if not find buttermilk in this recipe you explained how to do it here.

Sweet dreams

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