Belgian Waffles with Exotic Fruits and Cream Cheese

gofres_belgas_frutas-21Waffles, waffles, waffleeeeees!!! There can be no better breakfast than fresh made waffles, don’t you think? This recipe is the traditional recipe of Belgian waffles with vanilla flavour and made with waffle iron, as must be! We all know that you can serve them with what you like, but I, to make them even more appetizing and part of a balanced breakfast, propose you to serve them with many fruits and bathed in a cream of fresh cheese that is delicious. Don’t miss this recipe and have it always on hand if you want to prepare someone a very special breakfast 🙂

gofres_belgas_frutas-2Good morning my sweet tooth. Today we have another breakfast, maybe I’m posting too many breakfast recipes lately, but that’s how I get it, not that I have a very strict plan of what I want to do, I’m just improvising a little and I’m doing what comes to me head. Maybe it’s something that I should improve, question to the rest of bloggers, how do you do? Do you have a calendar or plan? Leave me comments that I’m curious because I always think I’m a little disaster …

gofres_belgas_frutas-5For quite some time now I wanted to make waffles for the blog, so here you have them. At the end of last year I bought a waffle iron in one of these low cost German supermarket, well I will say which one, does not matter either: in Aldi, for 12 euros (if a big investment for a Catalan XD) From the first moment I knew that would be only one more junk,  but at least one more of them does not matter, my husband is going to send me and all my junk out of home anyway.

gofres_belgas_frutas-8But the truth is that it has turned out to be a great purchase, fresh waffles are one thing that can only be enjoyed at a fairly exaggerated price at times in ice cream parlors, creperies, etc. But at home, no way, unless you have the lucky little machine. And it is a joy, I assure you, wake up on a Sunday and prepare homemade waffles for breakfast. So be aware to Aldi’s offers because from time to time they have waffle irons and very cheap ones.

gofres_belgas_frutas-10Oh, and when they’re making the house smell, my God!!! Do you know that smell of the premises where they make waffles? Well that will be the smell of your house, so yummy, it is almost to faint!! And well, if you do not have a waffle maker I think you can not make this recipe (someone can correct me if I’m wrong!) But there are specific recipes for baked waffles for example, although I think it is not the same, they do not have the same texture, nor as crunchy at least. And, in any case, you need some special pan anyway to get them with their pretty grid shape.

gofres_belgas_frutas-12And why Belgian waffles will you wonder? Well, because they are the original, poor Belgians, right? If anything they have invented are the waffles so let’s give them credit. The Germans for example have their own version and the Dutch, and there are probably more than I do not know. But I have had the privilege of eating waffles in Brussels and they are the best I have ever eaten!! They are not like those ones, they were much better, but who knows what recipe they used in that place … This recipe is from the blog Sweetandsour   and is the one I tasted the first time and I loved it, so for my recipe collection!

gofres_belgas_frutas-16What to serve waffles with is a important, because the waffles alone are just a plain dough. And this is where tastes come into play. Indeed, I am a very classic and simple person (I swear!) so I always eat them with Nutella. But for the blog, I wanted something special.

gofres_belgas_frutas-27So exotic fruits with waffles suddenly sounded super good to me. And not only one or two fruits, I have used four!! Four waffles in tower, layered with the wonderful cream cheese in between them and 4 different exotic fruits; Mango, papaya, passion fruit and physalis. Well, you have already seen it in the photos (which today are not few) so I leave you with the recipe since you must be drooling already 😉

Belgian Waffles with Exotic Fruits and Cream Cheese

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Serves: 8 waffles
Cooking Time: 20 min. Total: 1h 15min


  • 200 ml milk
  • 100 g butter
  • 2 eggs (separated egg whites and yolks)
  • 250 g flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 8 g dry baker's yeast
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 150 g pearl sugar (nib sugar)
  • CREAM:
  • 125 g fresh cream cheese (phyladelphia)
  • 25 g of icing sugar
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 200 g heavy whipping (very cold)
  • 2 tsp powdered gelatin
  • Exotic fruits mix to taste, I have used:
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Passion fruit
  • Physalis
  • Mango jam for topping



Put in a saucepan to heat the milk over low heat and add the butter to melt slowly. It does not need to boil, we just want the butter to melt. Remove from the heat and let it cool a little. Add the egg yolks mixing well until incorporated.


In a bowl mix the flour with the yeast, the salt and the vanilla sugar. Make a hole in the center and pour the warm milk mixture. Knead with a spatula until no lumps of flour remain in the dough. It is not necessary to work it a lot. Cover the bowl and let the dough ferment until it doubles its size, it will take about 45 minutes.


Meanwhile, you can prepare the cream, in a bowl beat the cream cheese with the icing sugar and lemon juice. Beat just until they are combined and you get a smooth cream. In another bowl pour the cream and add the two teaspoons of powdered gelatin and whip it. Stir in the cream cheese mixture and beat just until combined. Reserve the cream in the fridge.


When the dough has fermented, beat the the 2 egg whites to form peaks. Add the pearl sugar to the dough and mix with a spatula to degass the dough. Incorporate the whites and blend in wrapping movements until you have a uniform and elastic dough.


Preheat the waffle iron following the instructions of your device. It is advisable to spread with some butter or oil the waffle iron to make sure they do not stick. Pour a little dough into each of the cavities of the wafer, pour just the amount of dough you need to cover them, keep in mind that when they cook they will grow and we do not want to overflow (it has already happened to me, Waffle dough comes out everywhere!!)


When the kitchen smells of like heaven and love they will be ready, you can open the waffle iron and check if they are golden, in mine takes about 5 minutes per batch. Remove them from the waffle iron with care not to burn yourself and let them to cool on a rack. With this cream it is better to let them cool completely or you will have a soup. If you serve them with chocolate, for example, eat them hot and die of pleasure!!


The assembly and presentation I leave to your taste and creativity, I already left a suggestion in the photos, you can do it the same (although I doubt that someone will eat 4 waffles ...) or try something different. Basically the key is to combine cream with fruits and enjoy!


The gelatin helps the cream to have more consistency and better withstand the weight of the waffles, you can do without it but keep in mind that you will have a slightly more liquid cream.
NOTE2: If you do not find pearl sugar you can use normal sugar, in that case add it to the flour also in the first steps. But the secret for crunchy waffles is using pearl sugar.

Sweet Dreams,

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