Violets Vanille Eclairs

eclairs_violeta-5There are few things more delicate and tasty than these French pastries. In this recipe, I have used the classic Pastry Cream filling, but the innovative part is in the white chocolate bath flavoured with violet and blueberry that is so delicious. In addition, the dough is not the traditional one, it is prepared with spelt flour instead of plain flour to make them easier to digest and a bit healthier.

eclairs_violeta-16I am not done yet posting recipes with violets!! I had that one in the drawer 🙂 You have to understand me, I have to take advantage of the season and the bottle of violet aroma that I bought, otherwise it will expire, hehehe. It’s the first time I’ve made eclairs, I’ve eaten them in pastry shops and I love them, it’s one of my favourite sweets, so you can imagine how much fun when you can make them at home and eat them all, one after another until exploding…

eclairs_violeta-3Because I love these pastries, eclairs, profiteroles, etc. God, they drive me crazy and I eat them like popcorn. And the cream …. Mother of God how good is this cream. I must be careful, because while I fill them I start eating cream and sometimes I run the risk of eating too much and then it is not enough to fill the all.

eclairs_violeta-13And that’s how I screwed up the bikini operation ☹ I was trying to make healthy recipes not to gain so much weight and not look like a seal during these days on the beach (yes, I’m on the beach in Croatia hehehe. Auto programmed posting rules!!!) Well, it has not been possible, here I am showing my pretty eclair shaped love handles.

eclairs_violeta-9Although I must tell you that I actually don’t care. I am one of those who say “carpe Diem”. And if you put sweets in front of me, I cannot resist, especially when they are like those ones. So, my love handles and I are going to continue our show on the beaches of Croatia while we think about the next temptations that we are going to make for the blog 🙂

Violets Vanille Eclairs

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Serves: 14 - 16
Cooking Time: 45 min. Total: 1h 15 min.


  • DOUGH:
  • 65 ml milk
  • 65 ml water
  • 60 g butter
  • 65 g spelt flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 250 ml milk
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 20 g cornstarch
  • 40 g brown sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 200 g white chocolate
  • 20 g butter
  • 1/4 tsp violet flavor
  • 1 Tbsp blueberry powder



Preheat the oven to 180ºC. In a saucepan, heat the milk, water, butter and salt until it boils. Remove from the heat and incorporate the flour to the saucepan mixing quickly and with energy with a wooden spoon. Return the saucepan to the fire and cook without stopping to stir for about 1 minute more to cook the flour. When you see the dough sticking to the bottom of the saucepan it is time to remove it from the fire.


Put the dough in the bowl of the mixer. Beat at low speed for about 5 minutes to help the dough cool down. When touching the bowl of the mixer no longer notice it hot, add 1 egg and beat at medium speed until it is fully integrated. At first it costs a lot but in the end it ends up integrating. When the first egg is already combined, add the second and continue beating until you have a smooth mass and no lumps.


Fill a pastry bag with large round nozzle with dough. Prepare two baking sheets covered with baking paper. Pipe lines of about 8cm in length and 1.5cm in width. Leave enough separation between them because they grow when baking.


Bake one tray first and then the second one for about 18 -22 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack.


To prepare the vanilla cream, mix 1/4 of the milk with the yolks and the cornstarch. In a saucepan, bring to boil the rest of the milk, sugar and seeds of the vanilla pod. Remove from heat and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the hot mixture to the cold mixture by mixing until combined.


Pour all the mixture into the saucepan with the hot milk and bring to boil again, cooking until it thickens. Remove from the heat and let it cool with a plastic-to-skin film so it does not create scab.


If you want a finer cream you can strain it once it is cold. Fill a piping bag with star tip with the cream. Cut the eclairs in half and fill each with cream.


To prepare the frosting, melt the white chocolate in the microwave or the water bath. Add the butter, the violets essence and the blueberry powder. Mix well until it has a uniform color and bathe the eclairs at the top with the frosting.


Cool the chocolate completely for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Decorate with fresh violets.

Sweet dreams,

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