Fruit Pound Cake with Orange glaze

This recipe is very traditional and classic. It is just the typical candied fruit cake and rum made by our grandmothers with a delicious orange glaze, just perfect to eat with the afternoon coffee or tea on these Christmas dates. And this recipe is suitable for everyone, it uses very simple ingredients and accepts many changes if you want to adapt it to your taste. Uuuuiii !!! I am filled with joy with today’s recipe. It is like if she alone represents the lovely and homey of Christmas. So simple, but at the same time with that retro style that I love!! I cannot help it, the modern cakes, the cupcakes, etc. I love them too, but this kind of recipes from old books make me crazy!! Maybe to truth is that I have a grandmother inside who loves to make cookies and cakes at Christmas, hehehe. The base recipe of the cake I took from a very old book of the brand “Maizena” that a friend had at home. The glaze and the Christmas flair is self-style J The cake, like all those having cornstarch, is like velvet, light and rather dry, just as I like them. The candied … Continue reading Fruit Pound Cake with Orange glaze